Sciatica Sleep Solutions

 Sleeping Positions

It can often be incredibly uncomfortable trying to sleep with sciatic and back pain.

 Here I want to show you how it is possible to get some degree of relief through the position you sleep in.

The video below explains about sleeping positions that maybe helpful to you. 

A point of caution if you have back pain, herniated disc or sciatica I would not recommend turning the bed if you have back pains. Get someone else to do it or get a bed that doesn't need turning.  

Sleeping positions Hints and Tips

  • Use a pillow or specially designed sleep aid between your knees while lying on your side.
  • Use a pillow or sleep aid under your knees when lying on your back.
  • Put a folded towel under your hips (beneath the top sheet) to give you more support while you sleep. Your hips are one of the heaviest areas so extra support is desirable there.
  • Try not to sleep on your stomach, for most back and sciatic pain sufferers this makes it worse.






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