Sciatica Sleep Solutions

Memory Foam Mattresses And Pillows

I adore memory foam. It helped my back and sciatic pain by gently cushioning me and supporting my body far better than my ordinary mattress.

I could not get comfortable on our ordinary mattress but the memory foam helped me to get comfy and stay comfy all night. 

There are many types and brands of memory foam and it is an individual choice what you want from your bedding. However if you have any back or spine issues it may well be worth giving memory foam bedding and pillows a chance to see if they can help you too

You can buy beds with a built in memory foam mattress but i just bought a memory foam topper for our bed- which works as well. I also have a memory foam pillow.   

Do consider memory foam as an option as a mattress topper, a full mattress, a cushion or pillow.

It is a personal choice so do read the specifications carefully and see what you think for your needs. 


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